Luna Legend Is Already A Chopsticks Pro

When your mom is someone who writes cookbooks, constantly gushes about food, and considers a cheese wheel to be the ultimate token of affection (it totally is), you're bound to pick up a few foodie tricks.
It's no surprise, then, that little Luna Legend is already enjoying sushi dates at the ripe old age of 11 months. A photo shared by her grandmother Vilailuck Teigen shows the infant perfecting her chopstick skills while dining with her famous parents, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, at a sushi restaurant. At this rate, she'll be whipping up her own fondue or slicing apples with a mandolin by her first birthday, which falls on April 14.

Sushi time🍲🍜🍱❤❤

A post shared by Vilailuck ไชยอุดม Teigen (@pepperthai2) on

Via Instagram.
"Sushi time," the proud grandma captioned the cute family pic. Luna looks overjoyed with her culinary experience, while an amused Legend can be seeing capturing the moment on his own phone.
Since we know Teigen is prone to getting unsolicited parenting feedback from judgmental mommy trolls, take note: Luna's not actually eating any sushi (though it's apparently safe enough to eat once babies start on solid food), she's not poking her eye out or stabbing anyone with wooden spears, and she's not your baby, so let her do what she wants. And look! She's showing emotion! Happy?
Fortunately, all the comments on the photo so far seem to be positive.
"That's right, start Lulu young with those chopsticks!" one fan wrote in response to the snap. "She'll be a pro in no time!!
"She's a natural!!!" read another comment.
"Luna is better with chopsticks than me," joked another.
No kidding. With famous folks like these, Luna Simone is bound to end up effortlessly scooping up noodles with chopsticks in one hand while playing "Chopsticks" on her daddy's piano with the other. No pressure, kiddo. It's totally fine if you just want to eat Hot Pockets and jam out to heavy metal all day, too.

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