Here's Why John Legend Wants Chrissy Teigen To Have A Boy

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Not every celebrity is comfortable sharing details of their personal life. I'm not-so-secretly grateful that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen aren't one of those couples. While the husband and wife don't put everything out there, they do share plenty with the public — and usually, what they share is a celebration of how much they adore one another. The La La Land actor can't stop, won't stop gushing about his wife, while the model... well, she tends to give her hubby a hard time by meming pictures of his face and likening him to the animated aardvark Arthur. (In the most loving way, of course.) The latest sweet moment from my favorite celebrity duo is courtesy of Legend's interview in People. Legend revealed the reason why he wants his wife to have a son, and it's actually way sweeter than you might expect.
Or maybe not any sweeter than you'd expect, considering these are words from wife-worshipping Legend. When asked about his experience parenting baby Luna with his Teigen, the "Ordinary People" singer told the magazine that he's only having the best time — especially because Luna absolutely adores her daddy.
“My wife’s a little bit jealous,” says Legend of Luna being a bit of a daddy's girl. He then adds that he wants Teigen to get in on the fun, too: “We’ve got to have a boy too, so she can feel that same feeling.”
The model, who became pregnant with Luna through IVF treatments, admitted that she chose a female embryo to ignite a special bond between Legend and her daughter. According to Teigen, the embryo she has left from the treatments is male, which means that she could get her momma's boy should she choose to have another baby. Teigen, who recently opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression in an essay for in Glamour's April issue, has previously hinted that she's up for becoming a mother for a second time — meaning a baby boy may be on the horizon.
Whether a second baby becomes a reality or not, this family just can't cut the cuteness.

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