Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's Wedding Favor Will Surprise You

Photo: Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus Photography/Getty Images.
Weddings, in general, are tough to get right. With decisions comes pressure, and with pressure comes anxiety. And who knew impressing a room full of your friends and family would be so difficult? Well, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner seem to have discovered the black sheep solution for deciding what to put in the gift bags. In a New York Times profile on Kushner, which was referenced in Cosmopolitan's listicle on the couple's relationship, the duo reportedly gave away flip-flops at their nuptials in 2009 with their names on them — but that's not all.
According to the Times, "When the couple were married at a Trump golf course in 2009, guests were given white flip-flops with the words 'Jared' and 'Ivanka' on the insoles and a tag reading, 'A Great Pair.'" Now, politics aside, Trump and Kushner's wedding at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey was beautiful, as was the bride's bespoke Vera Wang gown. But flip-flops are the last thing we'd suspect the millionaire couple to gift their guests. The thonged sandal seems to stir controversy amongst wearers and non-wearers, which would make the unexpected shoe choice quite fitting for the family, actually. But white? C'mon, guys. As if exposed heels and toes were enough, white flip-flops are, like, social suicide when it comes to personal hygiene and resort style. Nobody wants to see melted dirt sliding between a layer of sweaty feet and perforated foam.
But we digress. If you withdraw one's own personal taste (or, just standard fashion trends) out of the equation, flip-flops at the end of a long day of dancing and dining actually sounds like a good idea. And if the guests wanted to take a dip in the pool or walk around the grassy grounds, then hey, they're quite literally one step ahead of us fashion folk. But never did we expect as minute a detail as a pair of customized flip-flops to convince us that one of America's most talked about couples is so down to earth. Guess all is not as it seems in Trumpland. Oh, what a time to be alive.

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