Paul Ryan Just Became A Meme & It's His Own Fault

House Speaker Paul Ryan just became a meme — and, we have to say, he brought it on himself.
On Thursday, the top House Republican gave a PowerPoint presentation explaining the new GOP bill meant to replace the Affordable Care Act.
"What you just saw there was classic, vintage Paul Ryan," CNN's Dana Bash said right after the speaker wrapped up his lecture. And she was right. Ryan, a seasoned politician, is famous for his longwinded presentations.
But what the speaker seemed to miss was that we don't live in the old days anymore. That screen could only mean one thing: Ryan was about to get memed. Come on, you know that image was just ripe for it!
One Twitter user quickly figured it out, so he kindly provided a blank slate so users could go crazy with Photoshop.
People took the photo and ran with it.
Here's the House Speaker engaging in the eternal struggle: To have or not to have facial hair. That is the question.
Others took a chance to poke fun at a famous internet theory that has been repeated ad nauseam since the election. Yes, we're looking at all of you Bernie bros who can't seem to move on. (Cue eye rolls.)
One genius figured out what would have made Ryan's healthcare presentation 100% better. (We will forever miss you, McDreamy.)
And the rest just got weird, because some people will take any excuse.
A word of advice to politicians: DON'T stand next to things that can be easily Photoshopped if you don't want to become a meme. And don't think this is a Republican-only problem: Look what happened to Sen. Bernie Sanders when he brought a huge printout of a Trump tweet to the Senate floor.

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