You Can Now Shop Rihanna's Marie Antoinette-Inspired Fenty Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Puma.
Before Rihanna took us to school (or, by the looks of the table-stomping models at a French library, detention) for fall '17, she imagined what Marie Antoinette would wear to the gym for her spring Fenty Puma collection. That means that for spring '17, Fenty customers are donning less ripped-up varsity sweaters and contrast stripes and more pink pastels gone punk — all the while clutching their pearls. Still, there are a few silhouettes that transcend Rihanna's sportswear-infused collections: extra-long sleeves, hoodies, and delightfully Bad Gal-specific shoes that still manage to sell out at every drop. And we predict today's spring '17 Puma release will be no different.
Puma first announced, rather quietly, that the first item from this collection to hit shelves would be the olive-hued, satin-bow slides from Rihanna's September fashion show, which debuted earlier this month. The brand promised more Fenty would be coming soon afterwards, with more arrivals expected to drop on a monthly basis until June. Yet our wallets were not ready for the imminent launch: Today, the sportswear retailer will begin rolling out spring '17 ready-to-wear in-store and online. Get ready for all-pastel-everything.
"I’m very thrilled to finally see the collection out there," Rihanna said in a statement. "It was such a fun and rewarding experience to create the collection and seeing it come alive on the runway and in our campaign." The latter sees Bad Gal and a model crew featuring Clarie Yurika Davis, Geron McKinley, Zaina Muiccia, Demi Scott, Joshua Willams, and Slick Woods all clad in their Fenty best (and pink-est), making the spring '17 collection look even cooler than it did on the runway. Now, that's omething we didn't think was possible, but, hey, never doubt in the power of Rih.
Check out the latest in Fenty Puma, which you can buy at Puma, Bergdorf Goodman, and SIX:02, before it totally sells out.

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