Your #OOTDs Have Nothing On These Chic Matching Senior Citizens

You've seen photos of couples where one partner is pulling the other through exotic locales. You've seen countless images of folks being all #couplegoals and trying to recreate that special Chrissy Teigen-John Legend magic. Think you've seen enough couples being cute for one lifetime? One Japanese pair is upping the ante in the best way.

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Together for 37 years, the lovebirds behind the account @bonpon511 are showing their affections in a totally cute and Insta-ready manner: matching outfits. Move over, style bloggers and Instagram husbands: This couple is #everythinggoals.
The duo's Instagram chronicles a bevy of coordinating (not 100% matching) outfits. Their bio, which is admittedly mostly in Japanese, reads "couple | over60 | grayhair | fashion | coordinate." That's a simple enough (and totally accurate) explanation, because the sweet snapshots certainly speak for themselves. The account has over 122,000 followers, which means these chic senior citizens can hold their own with any online influencer.
Mashable reports that the couple and their coordination have gone completely viral, with photos racking up to 10,000 Likes. And the clothes? We're not just talking simple blue jeans and button-ups. This stylish pair opts for coordinating and complementary color schemes and patterns, which gives their posts plenty of playful opportunities. Polka dots? Plaid? It's all there.
They even repeat pieces, which is a refreshing change compared to those young style bloggers you might follow. Plus, as far as we can tell, there's no #sponsored stuff, so this duo is doing it for themselves.
There's something about their simple, straightforward outfits and their earnest enthusiasm that really hits all the feels.
Sometimes, they coordinate top to bottom:
Other times, they're a little more matchy-matchy.
In some cases, the outfits aren't much except super-cute.
Their hat game is strong.
And so are their holiday outfits.
"Over 60" never looked so good.

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