Behind Every Perfect Instagram, There’s An Instagram Husband

Finally, the secret to all those perfect Instagram portraits is out. The key to getting the right angle for your full-body #OOTD shot? It's not the perfect editing app or a flattering filter. It's an Instagram Husband. In the video below, we get a peek at the Instagrammer behind the casual, yet inspiring Insta shots we all love. And it's hilarious.
"I'm basically a human selfie stick," one of the husbands in the video says. Another one explains how it takes forever for him and his wife to get anywhere because they're constantly taking "shoe pics." And of course, we're all familiar with the plight of photographing food instead of just eating it. Share this with the Instagram Husband/Wife in your life, whether that's a roommate, a dutiful friend, or a partner. Because you appreciate that person's sacrifice. But, once you're both done watching the video, it's back to business. These Instagram photos aren't going to shoot themselves, am I right?

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