Lauren Conrad Always Wore This Accessory For Job Interviews

If you close your eyes and think back to your interviews for your very first job (or internship, perhaps), what were you wearing? Odds are, it's something pretty different from what you'd reach for while getting ready for your gig these days. Personal style evolves, after all — and thank goodness for that, right? Our notions about "professional" dressing when we were just beginning to try out the whole adulting thing: Well, they were certainly well intentioned, if a bit misguided in hindsight. Maybe it was a way-too-'80s, shoulder-padded blazer you bought specifically for the occasion; perhaps you regrettably hobbled your cubicle in a pair of "grown-up" heels that were so uncomfortable, they were simply unbearable by lunchtime.
We chatted with Conrad recently about her newest Kohl's line (including the replica of her own engagement ring now available at the retailer). In addition to reminiscing about her wedding dress as well as her favorite, and first, prom ensemble — it had an, ahem, very distinctive hue — Conrad divulged the go-to piece she'd slip into when heading to job interviews back in the day.
"When I was finishing high school and was going on job interviews, most of which were not filmed [for Laguna Beach], I always wanted to look very 'professional,' and for some reason, in my mind that meant wearing flats," Conrad told us. "So my interview outfits always included flats: I went to BCBG and bought a nude pair of flats. I wore them with different outfits, all of which weren't amazing." And, like us, Conrad was simply trying to appear older and more seasoned career-wise than she actually was. "Nude flats with a peep-toe just read 'professional career woman' to me, for some reason. I was still very young, so I did anything I could to feel and look more mature."
Let us know in the comments below what you wore for your inaugural job interviews in (very earnest) attempts to look impossible not to hire.

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