Katy Perry's Hair Inspiration Was This Major Star (& It's Not Who You Think)

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Katy Perry's hair has been the subject of much conversation. After the singer split from Orlando Bloom, she debuted a radical new look: a pixie cut, a classic move to make fresh off a breakup. Most people thought that she was channeling Miley Cyrus — and she was, a bit. But Perry's cut was more reminiscent of another A-lister. She dished on her hairspiration at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.
Perry said she was inspired after seeing Scarlett Johansson backstage at the Oscars: "I was so excited because I've always wanted to do a pixie cut," she explained. "I'd been going, Should I do it? Should I not do it? I like it. Will it go with my face? And I saw Scarlett Johannson, and she had the same cut. [I thought,] Dang that’s one of the most beautiful people in the world; I could do it too, and look maybe half as good. So I went there."
Those would be the same Oscars at which ScarJo called out Ryan Seacrest and was reprimanded by Samuel L. Jackson. That's right: She scolded one person, was scolded by another person, and then inspired a major hair update for a third. That's quite the performance from a single awards show. Honestly, who can lay claim to that level of news-making during a show in which she didn't even win anything? Nobody but Scarlett Johansson.
The haircut would also help explain why Katy Perry was wilding out on the iHeartRadio red carpet. She felt the spirit of ScarJo running through her.
If only all haircuts were that powerful. You could see, like, Mark Zuckerberg backstage at something and get his haircut and bam — you'd go and found the next Facebook. Who knows? That might work. Hair can be magic sometimes. That's what my barber says anyway.

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