Orlando Who? Katy Perry Grabbed This Artist's Butt On The iHeartRadio Red Carpet

Newly single Katy Perry has a new haircut and apparently a new lease on life. The singer has never shied away from the colorful, but her new pixie cut seems to have liberated her to an even greater degree.
What do we mean? Well, she appears to be running around grabbing butts on the iHeartRadio Awards red carpet. Specifically, male butts. More specifically, male butts attached to one Shawn Mendes.
Mendes is performing and is nominated for three awards tonight, but none of that protected him from a drive-by butt grab by Katy Perry. Watch the moment below.
Now, normally we wouldn't condone random acts of butt grabbing. But Katy Perry messing with a Fellow Celeb during a red carpet interview is pretty harmless, so we're going to give her a pass on this one.
Especially since Perry didn't stop there. She wasn't just grabbing butts; she was also grabbing... our hearts. Here she is, enthusiastically dabbing her way onto the red carpet.
And here she is showing some fans some love.
This all makes sense once you realize how excited she was. She was so excited, in fact, that she wore pants suitable for high kicking.

Jk they're pants. ??

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May we all one day be as enthusiastic about something as Katy Perry was for the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet.
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