Katy Perry Defines Good Ex In A Single Tweet

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom shocked us when they split up. We thought that just the other day Orlando was playing with Katy's ultra-adorable dog. But things end, and at least their breakup seems to be ending on a more positive note than Perry's friend-breakup from Taylor Swift.
(P.S. Ryan Murphy: When do we see that on Feud?)
Now, Perry is going through the classic stages of the breakup. She's spending more time with her dog. And she's now subtweeted her ex. No wonder people find her so relatable.
The good thing about her subtweet is that it doesn't really go into mean-ex territory. She isn't like, say, Alexis Ren tweeting that her ex has a small dick.
Look, people process things differently. We have literally no idea how any relationship is unless we've actually been in the relationship ourselves. Someone we think is a total sweetheart in public can be a manipulative dick behind closed doors. Similarly, the most boorish of celebs might be completely understanding and supportive. So we can't really say that we know what led up to this.
But we can say that we aspire to be this chill. Like Jerry Seinfeld says, you can be friends when you say, "I don't like you, you don't like me. Let's go get some coffee."
That really nails it. Perry and Bloom split, but that's no reason they have to hate each other. Quite the opposite. They just stopped being romantically interested, but that doesn't mean that they can't be nice to each other. We need to be humane now more than ever.

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