This Video Of A 3-D Printer Building A House Is Bizarrely Mesmerizing

We already knew that the wonders of 3-D printing could produce jewelry, shoes, and even makeup. But now, for the first time ever, it's possible to actually live in a 3-D-printed house.
The 3-D printer manufacturer Apis Cor recently shared a video of a home one of its machines created in Russia. You can see the printer form each of the walls one by one — and it's mesmerizing.
"This is the world's first actually printed house," a voiceover says. "Construction 3D printing opens a new round of evolution, thanks to the innovative design of the printer."
The printer requires almost no human supervision, and it's been used at the coldest time of winter, proving that temperature doesn't limit it. After successful testing, it's ready to hit the market.
The square, concrete house has a living room, bathroom, hall, kitchen with modern appliances, and insulated walls and floors. It can stay up for 175 years, Mashable reports.
The process was surprisingly not expensive or time-consuming at all. The house was done in less than a day, and its construction cost only $10,134. That's about $38 per square meter. For comparison, an average house costs over seven times that much to build, according to the video.
This new innovation isn't just cool — it could also make the world a better place. Apis Cor hopes to make housing more accessible by revolutionizing the construction process.
"On the seven continents of Earth, there are families which cannot afford to buy or build a house. A good accommodation is costly. And waiting for it to get construction takes more than a single month," its website reads. "Construction industry is a sluggish machine. But we are ready to readjust it and continue working until everyone is able to afford a place to live."

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