Emma Watson Is On The Hunt For Her Own Nanny, Corinne-Style

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
No matter who Nick Viall chooses in fast-approaching finale episode of The Bachelor, it's safe to say that Corinne Olympios and her nanny, Raquel, were the real class couple of the season.
Corinne and Raquel's relationship was established early in the episode, when the 24-year-old Miami native revealed that she gets through her days working as a business woman for a "multi-millionaire dollar" company with the assistance from her live-in nanny Raquel. It was the confession that launched a million think-pieces, and a million more tweets.
And now, it's launched into its own skit on The Ellen Show, starring A-list actress Emma Watson. I guarantee she never guessed that she would ever in her life be embodying the wants and desires of the blonde-haired nap-taker. (Olympios recently appeared on the show herself defending her nanny, and her villainous ways on the show.)
In the hilarious hidden camera prank (of which Ellen DeGeneres is famous for), Watson interviews an unassuming woman for the position of "nanny." Of course, most grown women would assume that the position refers to the responsibility of taking care and looking after children — or at least someone under the age of 20. But no, the Beauty and the Beast star is looking for a nanny for herself, Corinne-style. With the guidance of DeGenere's voice in her ear via a hidden microphone, Watson acts out a full range of emotions and child-like behavior in front of the job applicant. She cries, she screams "Owie," and she eats a XXL lollipop during snack time. The only thing she missed is making sure that the woman was an expert cucumber-chopper and cheese pasta-maker — those are essentials for any adult nanny.
By the end of the "interview," Watson fesses up and admits that this is all a joke, and the two laugh. I only wonder if Raquel and Corinne will be able to catch the episode and laugh about it together.

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