Ariana Grande Just Beat Taylor Swift In A Pretty Big Internet Honor

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Ariana Grande is more Insta-famous than Taylor Swift.
The "Side to Side" singer now has 98.5 million Instagram followers, making her the second-most-followed person on the social media site. The first, of course, is Selena Gomez, who has an impressive 112 million Instagram followers.
Previously, Taylor Swift held the second-most-popular spot. But Swift currently has 98.3 million followers, placing her behind Grande in the Instagram rankings. (If you're curious, Beyoncé has 96.1 million followers, despite having the most-liked Instagram photo ever in her pregnancy announcement.)
Some of Grande's recent Instagram photos include a photo of a puppy (presumably hers), named Pignoli, as well as photos from the April issue of Cosmopolitan, where she's featured on the cover.
Swift's recent 'grams, meanwhile, include a message of support for her friend Lorde on her new song, "Green Light," and photos of herself performing.
Of course, some of the shift might have to do with the fact that Grande is currently on tour, while Swift isn't, as InStyle points out. So she could be earning some new fans since she's been in the public eye more recently. But if you scroll through Grande's feed, it definitely gives off a more playful vibe than Swift's photos do. Grande is known for being seriously silly, with images of herself dressed as, say, a Moonrise Kingdom character. By contrast, even Swift's squad photos feel a bit staged.
Grande's also spoken out about various political issues — a week ago, she posted an Instagram image encouraging people to protect rights for transgender children. Swift tends to stay more mum on political issues, though she did tweet a message in support for the Women's March.
Still, we don't expect to see Swift send Grande an invitation to join her squad anytime soon.
Hopefully, though, self-proclaimed feminist Swift will appreciate the fact that the top three spots are held by women, even if she's been bumped down a peg. And hey, she's still got way more followers than her friend Ed Sheeran, whose Instagram account has eight million followers.
Gomez, Grande, and Swift all pale in comparison to Instagram's own account, too. The official @Instagram handle has 214 million followers.

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