Please Do Not Bother Rihanna With Your Silly Questions

Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.
When Rihanna pulled up to the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday, the bad gal did what the bad gal does every season: She dolled out a slew of air kisses (some French bisoux, if you will), posed for photos against the marble walls of the Musée Rodin (both solo and with the house's creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri), and took her seat in the front row to osmose all of the fall fashion (ooh to the la la la). But can we just talk about her look du jour for a second? Between the sunglasses, the ankle-length coat, and that damn beret, this may have been Rihanna's coolest Dior look yet.
The singer attends Dior's show just about every season, so we're not surprised to see her at the show, per se. And she's typically dressed in a custom or phresh-out-the-runway ensemble from the upcoming season. But we can't get past the Judy Funnie meets "our dream foreign exchange student character on Daria" vibes. Just look at her. It's as if Rihanna walked into the show — presumably fashionably late (as a bad gals do) — and shielded any unwanted attention, which is, dare we say, almost more Parisian than an actual Parisian. Le gasp!
In our imagination, this is how we presumed the whole affair went down: "Oh no, please, ask me all of your invasive questions," she quipped with an eye roll to the reporters who swarmed her seat. "Street style? What's that? Some sort of after-school activity?" she'd condescendingly respond. "Print is over! J'adore Dior! Give me feminism or give me death!" she shouted as she performed her latest eight-count of her signature interpretive dance style: le twerque. In another world — or really, in this outfit — we pretend Rihanna is not just one of the greatest quadruple threats of all time, but also a renowned poet, novelist, and playwright who meditates often and lives in seclusion after a life of piracy on the high seas, or something nouveau riche like that.
Okay, okay, so none of that actually went down. But Rihanna at the Dior show is better than Rihanna at the dentist, or Rihanna with a wine glass. Her latest look succeeded at doing what fashion does best: making us dream for a second of our mundane desk job lives as we watch the rich and famous tout their latest baby bags about the streets of Paris during the chicest time of year. Now, if we could just get our hands on the fast fashion version of one those berets...

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