Spencer Pratt Swears By This French-Girl Beauty Tip

When you think of Spencer Pratt, the words "beauty expert" most likely do not come to mind. (Although he has been known to throw out some wild advice on the matter.) Rather, you probably think of his on-screen romance with wife Heidi Montag, long-standing career in reality TV, or shamelessly addicting Snapchat videos. His tendency to overshare is exactly what makes him famous, which is why we weren't surprised when we stumbled across his latest post to his Instagram story. In it, Pratt revealed his number one beauty tip: thermal mists.
Specifically, he gave a nod to Avène’s Thermal Spring Water sprays by laying bottles and bottles atop his (by now, well-known) crystal collection. When we reached out to the former Celebrity Big Brother, The Hills, and Princes of Malibu star (all of which we'd consider true 2000s entertainment), he told us the product was a recommendation from his dermatologist, Jessica Wu, M.D., for his super-sensitive skin. Everything else he tried made him break out in allergic reactions, he says. He loves the mist so much, in fact, that he says he uses it about "five times a day," including immediately after a workout. (ICYMI, Pratt takes Jiu Jitsu classes.)
The bottom line is, this tried-and-true beauty product has been a must for sensitive sets for years. The gentle formula (which consists mostly of water) won't muddy up your makeup if you spritz it on mid-day, and the boost of hydration can be a huge pick-me-up when your skin needs it most. It calms itching, redness, and any irritation, has a low mineral content as to not dry out skin, and is also proven to balance the complexion so it's not left with red patches from an allergic reaction. Oh, and it’s a major French-girl secret.
Who knew Spencer Pratt was très chic?
Avène Thermal Spring Water, $18.50, available at Avène.

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