7 Surprising Things We Learned About Beauty From Spencer Pratt

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Say what you will about Speidi, but the fact is Spencer Pratt has come a long way from his villainous days on The Hills. The twisted, soap opera-level drama is all in the past now. Because for the past few years, Pratt has been keeping it (relatively) chill. He’s just a guy who loves jiujitsu, healing crystals, and his tiny dogs. Oh, and his skin-care routine. He really, really loves skin care. In a new interview with Fashionista, Pratt laid bare his no-bullshit beauty truths, including his favorite all-natural brands, his ongoing battle with super-sensitive skin, and a falling-out he once had with a skin guru on the West Side of LA. It’s very informative from start to finish, but if you're looking for the CliffsNotes, we've rounded up eight of the most surprising things he taught us about beauty. And crystals. (Always crystals.) You can experience karmic retribution in the form of a skin condition.
“I wouldn't wish highly sensitive skin upon anyone. I always say it's all of my karma hitting me in contact dermatitis. And then I start stressing about it, and then that makes it worse because stress doesn't help.” If shaving gives you ingrown hairs, just let it all grow.
“Shaving caused so many ingrown hairs for me — that's the only reason I ever grew a flesh-colored beard. It was more that than, 'Oh, I think I like this so much.' When I shave I get ingrown hairs, so now I just have the barber trim it.” The sensation of the devil attacking your skin is a real feeling you can have.
“I was using [a facial cleanser], until the other day, I was messing with Heidi and I was rubbing my face on her face, and the lotion from that brand, like, burned my face. I'm hypersensitive to the lotion, so I really can't mess. It's the devil, the devil is attacking my skin.” You can’t believe every beauty tip someone gives you on Snapchat.
“I was into juicing, but someone messaged me on Snapchat saying their Eastern-medicine doctor said that you use a lot of internal energy to digest the juices of vegetables that aren't cooked. And I was like, 'Oh my god, I hope that's not true.’” Healing crystals are a complete wellness game-changer...
“I got into [crystals] because after Heidi's plastic surgery, she was in so much pain and painkillers didn't work at all. So I started googling homeopathic remedies and found an article about healing crystals, and I'd never heard a word about that. The one that I read about...was sugilite, and so I went and bought it; that night, whether it was a placebo effect or whatever, she slept through the night holding this crystal. The next day, I went to the store and probably bought $20,000 in crystals the first day.” …but you can have too much of a good thing.
“I really love looking at crystals, but I kind of chilled at wearing them and having them in my pocket. Crystals really increase my energy, and I'm already pretty hyped up, so I kind of needed to chill on wearing pounds of them and walking around in them. Our whole house is full of them, but once I leave the house, I've got to maintain a level of chill in public.” Ice baths are not necessarily the right beauty treatment for everyone.
“I don't know if I should recommend them to people. It makes Heidi very nervous, because I was reading articles and like 50% were about how great they are, and 50% are about people who have cardiac arrest and die.”

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