Ashley Benson's Latest — & Much Shorter — Hairstyle Is Just Subtle Enough

There are some stars — more than a few, in fact — whose seemingly dramatic hair overhauls are rarely the real thing. You know the type(s): They’re the wig enthusiasts, or the extensions queens. Ashley Benson, though she hasn't quite reached Kylie Jenner-level, is one of them. The actress has shown her ability to magically look great in any hair color time and time again, but after pulling a pretty good platinum fake-out on us in January, we’ve been taking her tweaks with a grain of salt.
That said, even a skeptic could admit that Benson's latest change is as legit-looking as it gets. She even tagged her colorist Nicole Tresch when she debuted the look — a blunt, choppy cut that barely grazes her shoulders, dyed a neutral, beige-y shade of bronde — in a recent Instagram post. And then there’s a whole other piece of evidence: the scissors emoji, which she used to caption the image. A dead giveaway, or just a mind game? It's hard to say.

???? xx

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The on-trend color may not be as exciting — or as damaging — as the bleached-out blonde look that we were really, really hoping Benson had committed to. Still, it fits right into the cool-girl hair category we all aim for every time we head in for our own cut and color. From what we can tell, the ‘do is either the real deal or an extraordinarily convincing trick Benson is playing on us. We hope it’s the first option — but either way, it’s only a matter of time before she changes it all up yet again. Or maybe she already has?

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