Ryan Seacrest Just Spoiled The Oscars Opening & Justin Timberlake Is Not Happy

The only thing worse than television spoilers is ruining someone else’s surprise. Now imagine both happening at the same time. Ryan Seacrest just committed both faux pas on the Oscars red carpet while interviewing Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on the E! Red Carpet.
Seacrest, the quintessential Hollywood insider, obviously got an exclusive tip that Justin is going to be opening the Academy Awards this year. And if Justin’s reaction is any indication, it was a cat that was not supposed to be let out of the bag just yet.
The singer/actor/producer, tried to avoid confirming or denying this important role. With the help of his wife, she quickly tried to improvise. "Did someone say that?" he asked. Justin offered an illusive comment to viewers telling them to “stay watching” after the red carpet is over. “When the bell rings, have your champagne already poured.”
Justin Timberlake's song "Can't Stop The Feeling" for best original song as the staple track from the Trolls soundtrack. It was really cute of Justing to try to throw us off of the trail, but we doubt that Ryan has his sources wrong.
Justin seemed pretty annoyed by the spoiler. Can you say awkward? And to be honest, we’re kind of bummed, too. But there is still a silver lining. Even though Justin is clearly part of the show’s opening number, he’s such a multifaceted entertainer that we still can’t be too sure what to expect. He posted this Boomerang loop on Instagram earlier, so we can probably bet on him busting some moves. But he's more than capable of incorporating some singing and acting into his performance as well. Some surprise cameos couldn't hurt either. Hopefully it'll be good either way.
At any rate, loose lips sink ships, Ryan! Check out the interesting exchange.

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