You’ll Never Own Anything As Opulent As Christian Louboutin’s New Eyeliners

The eyes are the window to the soul — this we know — but they're also the inspiration for shoe companies to expand well past the feet. In fact, Christian Louboutin is using that famous phrase to inspire its latest beauty endeavor — yes, beauty. If you haven’t heard, the French fashion house that inspired rap lyrics and fashionista dreams with its red-soled shoes expanded into the beauty sphere almost three years ago with nail polish — but its latest launch has nothing to do with the feet.
It's been a gradual foray into beauty for the designer. We’ve seen five-inch nail polish bottles, patent lip lacquers, chrome polish, and beyond decadent fragrances from already — but that was only just the beginning. In a statement the designer said, "You can see happiness, sadness, fear, fierceness...You definitely see everything through the eyes." And with that, the brand created the most opulent eyeliners, mascaras, and brow pencils you will ever own with its new Les Yeux Noirs line.
The packaging isn't the only beautiful part. Plush pigment, rich intensity, and the kind of control you always hoped for in an eye product is exactly what you can expect from this spring beauty launch — if you are willing to splurge to make it your own. However, even if you're ballin' on a budget this month, the bottles are essentially beauty porn, so there's nothing wrong with taking a quick peek, right?
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