Kristen Bell Officially Wins At Making Unicorn Food

It's been a good run, unicorn cupcakes, milkshakes, hot chocolatelattes, and toast. But the unicorn food game is over. And Kristen Bell has won.
Based on a photo posted to the actress's Instagram on Monday, she's serious about adding majestic colors to her grilled cheese. She's got four separate bowls where she's coloring cheese red, purple, yellow, and blue.
We also love that she's giving these sandwiches a variety of flavor, too, with both mozzarella and cheddar in the concoction. And she's obviously grilling them like a pro, because you can practically taste them just by looking at the glistening golden brown crusts.
Bell isn't just using food dye, either. If you want to attempt the daunting feat of recreating her recipe, she provided the breakdown of the colors: "Red=beet juice. Purple=boiled purple cabbage juice. Blue=Boiled purple cabbage juice+baking soda." And in case you had any doubts, she added, "Rainbow Grilled Cheese=DELICIOUS."
If you're not ambitious enough to mix the colors yourself, don't worry — the Rainbow Cow Creamery creates multicolored cheese solely for this purpose, Hello Giggles reports. Whether you go with the store-bought rainbow cheese or create your own, try arranging them in single-color stripes across the bread for the most Instagram-worthy appearance.
Kristen Bell told Food & Wine in 2015 that cooking is a "love language" to show her husband Dax Shepard she cares. Based on the looks of this, we'd really like to be him right now.
There's only one way we could see someone one-upping this: As we all know, no grilled cheese is complete without a complimentary soup. And we have yet to see unicorn soup on the market. We're not sure what it would be made of — lots of multicolored veggies, perhaps. But we trust Bell to figure it out, since she's now mastered the art of the sandwich.

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