Unicorn Milkshakes Are The Perfect Addition To A Never-Ending Trend

We're approaching the end of January, which means it's not really the new year anymore. Still, we haven't put the great unicorn food trend of 2016 to rest, and some of us have even started to say things like, "If I never see another rainbow sprinkle for the rest of my life, it would be too soon." Just when thoughts like that start to take over, a new food comes along, and we're pulled right back in. The most recent unicorn treat that has us falling in love with those bright colors all over again might be the best one yet because it involves a favorite sweet treat, ice cream. New Territories, a new ice cream shop in Manhattan, is serving up what it's calling "Unicorn Parade Milkshakes." According to Gothamist, to make these colorful milkshakes, New Territories starts by painting streaks of bright purple ube inside a glass. Then, the milkshake made with Van Leeuwen vanilla ice cream is poured inside.

Orchard Street never looked better????? . ?: @eatingnyc

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All that goodness is topped with whipped cream and a twisted marshmallow rainbow arching from one side of the glass to the other. There are also two "marshmallow-topped Pocky sticks" stuck inside, and the shake is garnished with a butterfly. In a similar vein to the milkshakes you get at New York's Black Tap, the Unicorn Parade Milkshake's glass comes coated in chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles. Yes, that is a whole lot going on in and around one mug, but we're not intimidated. After all, unicorns could never be intimidating, plus we love ice cream too much to turn it down.

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