The Best & Brightest Reactions To The Bachelor Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Another Monday, another disappointing episode of The Bachelor during which we wrung our hands and holler at Nick Viall, He Who Ruins Everything. This week, our bumbling Bachelor met the parents of the four women he's still romancing. The internet watched with pained eyes. At this point, the Twitter 'verse is rooting for the women on the show, not the sole man. Users celebrated when Raven Gates decided not to tell Nick she loved him. They declared Vanessa's prickly father a hero for questioning Nick's motives. (Somewhere in there, we also met the fabled Racquel, but her arrival wasn't the parade of excitement the show advertised.)
But most of all, the internet bemoaned the imminent loss of Rachel Lindsay. We happen to know that Rachel Lindsay, one of the remaining contestants, won't be sticking around much longer — she's the next Bachelorette, in case you haven't heard. This means that sometime soon, Nick Viall will reject her. Or, if we're lucky, she'll reject him. (That would be a delightful turn of events.)
Another commonly cited irritation: where are our rose ceremonies? Every episode ends with a dramatic "to be continued." Except, er, that's only dramatic the first time it happens, sir. When every episode ends with a cliffhanger, the show becomes the Show That Cried Drama — we're not going to believe you when the real drama happens.
Ahead, you'll find the sassiest and silliest reactions to last night's episode of The Bachelor. Because the show is a hoot, but the real fun is in the commentary.

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