The Most Random Movie Star Jumped On The Remix Of Selena Gomez's New Song

Selena Gomez is back — and, in my humble opinion, with her best song ever. "It Ain't Me," Gomez's new collaboration with Kygo, dropped on fans like a joyous February surprise, and I am living for it. While the track has officially found its way onto my workout playlist, the remix ain't bad either — and it features one totally random celebrity. xXx: Return of Xander Cage star Vin Diesel took a break from action movies to duet with Gomez on an "It Ain't Me" remix, and you have to hear this blend ASAP.
Technically, Diesel didn't go into the studio with Gomez. According to Diesel's tweets, Kygo simply added the star's vocals over Gomez's already-recorded track. He writes,"You are going to be as shocked as I am... Kygo the magician just took my voice and added it to his new track. Speechless."
While Diesel may not be first and foremost a singer, his voice definitely has merits. The result of the remix is a cool duet with Johnny Cash vibes.
The actor shared the video on his Facebook page.
Now the real question: Will Gomez ever bring Diesel up on stage to perform this tune live? Fingers crossed we see this play out on a stage soon.

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