The Exact Lipsticks Anastasia Steele Wore In Fifty Shades Darker

No matter your opinion on the Fifty Shades franchise, it's likely you've had your own version of the Anastasia Steele fantasy at one point or another. (Whether that involves spanking and body makeup is entirely your business.) And while the odds that you'll find yourself on a helicopter ride opposite Christian Grey are slim, you can get one step closer — at least when it comes to her beauty look.

Yesterday, Glossier confirmed the lipstick Ana wore in the film's masquerade ball scene was none other than its Generation G in Jam. Now, the movie's lead makeup artist, Evelyne Noraz, just revealed the rest of her lipstick lineup in an Instagram post. Meaning you, too, can wear the same lipstick Dakota Johnson wore for months.
When Anastasia wore her red dress, Noraz swiped on the MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry first, then filled it in with MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feel So Grand. For trips to the red room, she reached for an cult indie brand favorite, Ilia, in the violet color Arabian Knights. And last but not least, she announced it wasn't just the Glossier shade stealing the masquerade ball scene. Turns out, she also applied the MAC Lip Pencil in Burgundy all over the lips, then topped it off with the Generation G.

As you might expect, all those kissing scenes required a lipstick with a little more staying power, says Noraz. So, she opted for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip in Heathers, a brick red that would make anyone's heart race. And now you know: If you're ever on the hunt for a lipstick that'll amp up your sex appeal, you've got plenty of options.

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