These Bold New Lipsticks Aren’t What They Look Like — They’re Better

If you're not a fan of lipsticks in forest green or cheddar cheese yellow, you're not alone. (And if you are, let us direct you to our favorite new wild card colors.) But that's just what makes the latest launch from Flirt Cosmetics especially surprising. They only look super-pigmented in the tube. Swipe on any of the new Lip Phetish Lipsticks, however, and it transforms into its own neutral, just-bitten berry stain — within seconds of hitting your lips. Now, to be fair, these aren't the first color-changing formulas to hit the market (and we'd be hard-pressed to say they're the last). But they are certainly the brightest, longest-lasting, and prettiest we've seen yet. The secret sauce behind these bad boys? A colorless red dye that changes on skin and keeps it budge-proof, plus lots of vitamin E and sunflower extracts to combat dryness. Even more magical: They work on virtually any skin tone. "But the shades do show up a bit differently on everyone," says Priscilla Ono, the brand's makeup artist (who also works with Amber Rose, the face of the company).
Courtesy of brand.
"On deep skin tones, the High pHever shade [blue] is a pretty purple, while it’s more of a berry for medium to lighter skin tones,' she explains. Meanwhile, "pHire [yellow] looks like a brighter orange on lighter skin tones, but a pretty pink-coral on medium and darker skin tones. The Super pHresh (green) is a pink-berry shade on lighter skin tones and gets a bit pinker as it hits darker skin tones." Even Rose got in on the fun: "I was so curious when I saw the colors and it was seriously magic when I tried them on," she tells us. "It’s so crazy — they change right before your eyes. And when I kiss my son, nothing comes off." Now, we know Valentine's Day is over, but we think smooch-proof makeup is invaluable 365 days a year.

Flirt Cosmetics
Lip pHetish Lipsticks, $18 each, available at Flirt Cosmetics on February 17.

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