This Is The Coolest Lash Tool We’ve Ever Seen — & It Will Sell Out Today

Update: The Flirt Cosmetics Flashes lash applicator is finally available for purchase today at 12 PM EST at With all the hype around this thing, we expect it to sell out — and fast — so get those fingers ready.

This story was originally published August 15, 2016.
If you can glue on fake lash strips with your eyes closed and one arm wrapped around a subway pole, this isn't for you. But if you're among the other 99.9% of the population and your faux-lash application ends up looking like your third-grade feather-art project, then, man, do I have good news for you. There's an innovative lash tool in town — and, no, it's not tweezers, clampers, or any of the other ones you've already tried. And I'm not exaggerating when I say this is a serious game-changer. The Flirt Cosmetics Flashes lash applicator looks a little like a Wite-Out tape dispenser, but it's actually pre-loaded with 44 teeny strips of individual lashes, three to each set. With a few clicks of the pen, the lashes rise up out of the device and, after sweeping on a bit of glue and waiting a beat, you press the pen to your lashline, release, and ta-da — full lashes. No touching, no stick, no mess, no fuss, no art project-ness.
I've been using the tool for the past couple of weeks — and, I have to say, I'm totally sold. As someone who is incredibly faux-lash challenged, I'd prefer a device that magically applied them for me start to finish. (Or, even better, teleported a makeup artist to my apartment to do the job.) But, this is the next best thing. Check out a video of our editors testing it live, below:
It took a few minutes for me to completely nail the technique. (By the way, you can connect the device to your smartphone to pull up a tutorial. Because the future is now.) Once I did, I was able to glue two sets to each eye for really pretty, full lashes that withstood a torrential rainstorm and an intense makeout session. Had I not removed them later that night, I'm pretty sure they'd still be on now — and this is coming from a girl who's usually missing one faux strip by her second cocktail. Who makes this magical device, you ask? It's a new brand — Flirt Cosmetics — and you should remember that name because you're about to hear about it everywhere. The most creative minds over at the Estée Lauder companies (you might have heard of its other brands, like MAC and Smashbox) got together to create a beauty think tank. Flirt tapped illustrator Donald Robertson to design the packaging, and all-around badass Amber Rose to front the campaign. You'll have to wait until September 15 to get your hands on one, but in the meantime check out the video above to watch our editors try it live. You can also view our Snapchat story to hear more about the launch from Amber herself. Like your lashes, this is going to be huge.

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Flashes, $28, available September 15 at RELATED:

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