Even Disney Princesses Are Losing Their Rights In Trump’s America

We've been continually inspired by the art coming out of the resistance. Women like Jennifer Maravillas, Liza Donovan, Jessica Sabogal, Kimothy Joy, and many more have been creating in the midst of all the despair, anger, and fear, giving us glimmers of hope. And then, of course, Shepard Fairey's "We the People" posters are helping define the movement's visual language. We've even teamed up with a group of artists and in-house creators to make our own Women's March poster art. Disney cartoons aren't typically associated with protest art. But illustrator Maritza Lugo and writer Danielle Sepulveres completely nailed it with their series imagining Disney princesses in Trump's America. Lugo's illustrations — accompanied with text written by Sepulveres — imagine, for one thing, what would happen if the Affordable Care Act were repealed through the eyes of Jasmine, Belle, and others. As the Republicans work to dismantle the ACA and we wait in limbo, knowing of the potentially devastating effects, art like this is a call to action and a way to bring in new audiences. "The most important outcome for the images is that people don't become desensitized by what's happening in American politics at the moment," Lugo told Forbes. "There is definitely a war being waged on women in this country, and these images shine a light on it." The first illustration was of Elena of Avalor, Disney's first Latina princess, being intimidated by anti-choice protestors at Planned Parenthood.
Here are Aladdin and Jasmine being forced to hold a funeral for her miscarriage.
Belle, finding out her birth control is no longer covered by insurance.
Here, Pocahontas is being denied coverage on the grounds of a tragic pre-existing condition. Lugo and Sepulveres also highlight historic discrimination against Native Americans, especially women.
And here's Tiana, unable to get a vaccine thanks to the administration's skeptic stance.

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