Celebs Are Going On Nordstrom Shopping Sprees In Response To Trump's Tweet

Perhaps you've noticed that celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Kristen Davis, and Rosie O'Donnell are going on shopping sprees at Nordstrom and bragging about it on social media. Davis posted a screenshot of her online scores, while O'Donnell posted a shot of her confirmation number. Wondering what the reasoning is behind these post-shopping binge 'grams? It's an anti-Trump act of retail therapy.

ICYMI, President Trump tweeted his displeasure with the retailer for dropping his daughter Ivanka Trump's eponymous brand on Wednesday morning. (Which the retailer told us that the decision was based on the performance of the brand).

Since President Trump directly called out Nordstrom on behalf of his daughter, celebrities and regular folks alike have been retaliating by showing their support for the retailer. Plus, POTUS' criticism of the department store has proven to be pretty good for the Seattle-based retailer's bottom line. Fortune reported that since Trump's tweet on Wednesday, Nordstrom's stock has risen 4%. See how celebrities are showing their support for Nordstrom, below:

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