Joe Jonas Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Recreate That Steamy Guess Ad

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
If Joe Jonas' Guess campaign wasn't enough for you (because let's face it: it was and it wasn't), then we urge you to check out his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from last night. The host took a few minutes to roast Jonas and his underwear poses. Luckily for Fallon, the DNCE singer didn't mind recreating a few. We didn't mind either, of course. But Fallon made a pretty valid point about the art of modeling in your skivvies. (The talk show host also gave Jonas a run for his money, frankly.)

"Anybody can do this," Fallon said. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Jimmy, but can anyone do it like Joe Jonas? Okay, maybe David Beckham or Mark Wahlberg is in (or beyond) the same boxer brief-flaunting league as Jonas. But, hey, we're not complaining. The ad features the singer modeling the brand's new underwear line, Hero. In the campaign, Jonas drenched in sweat despite being next to a working fan in several shots. He was accompanied by model Charlotte McKinney in the ads (but she didn't join Jonas on The Tonight Show).

Check out the clip below, and try to pretend that they're not wearing the undies over their street clothes. Also, when anyone hears word of when the next installment of Jonas' Guess campaign is rolling out, please let us know, ASAP.


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