Thank You, God, For Joe Jonas In His Underwear

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images.
"Surrounded by your glory / Will I dance for you, Jesus? / Or in awe of you be still? / Will I stand in your presence / Or to my knees will I fall? / Will I sing hallelujah? / Will I be able to speak at all? / I can only imagine..."
Oh, sorry — we didn't see you there. We were just taking a second to praise whoever it was up there that descended upon the Internet to deliver us this hearty offering of fashion advertising today. Let us explain.
If I told you I just downloaded many, many megabytes high-resolution photos of Joe Jonas in his underwear, would you believe me? Yes? No? Well, I did, and don't worry, I'm sharing them all with you, whether or not you're into the muscly musician thing. So, let's just jump right into it. The DNCE singer and Jonas Brother fronts Guess' campaign for its new men's underwear line, Hero.
The shots are kind of ridiculous in the best way. If you follow these kinds of things, you'll notice the whole spread is very David Beckham meets David Gandy meets Mark(y) Wahlberg. And, honestly, while we're shocked at all of the feelings we're currently experiencing, we can't say we're surprised Jonas landed the gig. After all, his brother, Nick, sent us into a cold sweat back in 2014 when he posed for Flaunt magazine. Basically, it seems like six packs just run in the family at this point.
So, yeah, take a look at the photos ahead. Do what you want with them. Post them inside of your locker, pin them up in your cubicle, make 'em your iPhone background — whatever you need to take every bit of Mr. Jonas in. By the way, is it getting hot in here or is that just us?

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