This Hamilton Star Has A Fashion Collab (& You’ll Want Every Item)

Photo: Courtesy of Lou & Grey.
For almost two years, Jasmine Cephas Jones played double-duty as the original Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds in Hamilton. And while the former was an early joke among the musical's devoted fan base, the 27-year-old performer quickly proved she was way more than "... and Peggy." The Brooklyn native first wowed us with her vocals, then kept us obsessed with her chill personality and always-entertaining social media presence. She's the O.G. Schuyler sister we definitely wouldn't mind hanging out with for a day or be on clothing-swap friendship level with. Well, at least we can get a tad closer to the actress' closet today, when Cephas Jones launches her first-ever clothing collaboration with Lou & Grey.
"I had never done anything like this before, but when I found out that they wanted [me] to actually help them create this line, I just went with it," she told Refinery29. "I wanted people to get a feel of who I am through the clothing." To achieve this, Cephas Jones focused on three specific themes that play a big role in her life: love, music, and Brooklyn.
The collection consists of a series of vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts (which will retail for $45 and $75, respectively) screen-printed with words and phrases dreamt up by Cephas Jones, as well as a range of 14K gold necklaces made in partnership with Brooklyn-based jeweler Winden, which start at $185 and cap out at $240. She wanted to keep the scope of the collaboration small, since it's limited-edition. So, when it came time to narrow down silhouettes, she felt "cozy and comfy" was the way to go. "You can't go wrong with a cozy vintage T-shirt," Cephas Jones said.
The Hamilton star explained she "wanted Brooklyn to be a big part of it since it’s where I was raised." This translated into the sayings on the apparel, the people they worked with to source the pieces, and even the setting for the lookbook shoot. "It’s a place where people come from all around the world and call home, so I thought it was important to start there," she said. (Hey, it's in the greatest city in the world, after all.)
As far as how she went about picking the actual text that's printed on the garments, "I didn't want to just have random words on clothing with no meaning," she asserted. So, she turned to those three initial themes she had landed on when the Lou & Grey opportunity was first presented to her. There's a nod to being a "Brooklyn original," plus a timely reminder that "love will conquer." (It's "something I think we all need to remember right now," Cephas Jones noted.) Plus, given her background, there are plenty of references to music. "I'm an old soul, and I love records and I used to listen to tapes all the time," Cephas Jones said.
When it comes to her personal style, which she dubs "Sophia Loren meets Lisa Bonet," Cephas Jones is in a pretty unique position, given that her day job requires her to wear a costume every day. Still, she credited that work uniform was inspiring what she ends up wearing in real life. "It’s awesome to wear costumes because you sometimes get to wear things that you would never dream of wearing, and then all of a sudden be like, 'I can totally wear this!'" she said. "It definitely opens your mind to options."
The added attention she's gotten from her Hamilton stint hasn't changed the way she presents herself: "I'm still the same person, just a little older and a little wiser," Cephas Jones explained. If anything, it's opened her eyes to all of the designers that can help her achieve a certain look when she has to go to an event. Her philosophy behind dressing remains the same, though: "Just be who are. Whatever you want to wear and whatever you like. You don't have to change anything because there is attention on you." Still, it doesn't hurt to have some seriously stylish co-stars to steal tips from. "Leslie Odom Jr. [who originated the role of Aaron Burr on Hamilton] always looks sharp no matter where he goes," she said. You definitely can't argue with that.
Consider this the closest we'll get to Jasmine merch prior to her big Schuyler-sister return at the Super Bowl on Sunday — and you can't say no to that. (Sorry, we had to sneak one more Hamilton reference in there.) Check out the full collaboration, ahead.

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