Welcome To The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Squad, Cruz Beckham

Photo: Keith Hewitt/GC Images.
You've probably noticed by now that it is our duty to act in accordance with the law, to keep you in-the-know on what celebrities are wearing and which trends they're getting a head start on. But between you and us, it's their kids — those dang Generation Z'ers hooting and hollering around the streets of Hollywood — who are proving themselves to be the foretellers of fashion's next It trends, instead of their über cool parents. And they're bypassing the paparazzi with their popular Instagram accounts. The latest specimen of our birdwatching-style comes to you in the form of Cruz Beckham: offspring of the Beckham's, aspiring pop singer, and hardcore rep of Louis Vuitton's debut streetwear collaboration with Supreme.
While some people aren't too keen on Beckham's latest stunt, we're pretty stoked. In between treating his followers to a bit of Whipping and Nae-Nae'ing and sporting ye olde cheeky Christmas sweater, the little dude has found time to post not one, but two Instagrams of the Vuitton x Supreme hoodie. Considering the other celebrities to have worn the collaboration sound a little bit like Travis Scott and Carine frickin' Roitfeld, we're pretty sure this means Cruz Beckham has peaked. Ahead, we've got your other cameos of the super-high-meets-kinda-low partnership. And, in compliance with the aforementioned promise, we'll keep you posted on where the rest of fashion's latest fad pops up next.

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