Ina Garten Just Made Us Very Happy With This Instagram Post

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Ina Garten, a constant beam of hope in this world, just got us pumped up with one Instagram post. Exactly three months after the official release of her most recent cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, and just two days after it was named the top selling cookbook of 2016 by Publishers Weekly, our favorite culinary goddess hinted that she was working on a brand new book.
Earlier today, Ina posted a photo of a new dish, with the caption, "Testing Butternut Squash Gratin for the next book. Tough day at the office! #lunch." WHAAAT?! We couldn't be more thrilled to hear this news. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Ina.

Testing Butternut Squash Gratin for the next book. Tough day at the office! #lunch

A photo posted by Ina Garten (@inagarten) on

We didn't recognize it at the time, but this may not actually be the first hint she has dropped about working on a new book. About a week ago, Garten posted a different photo with the caption,"Recipe testing today! Fresh berries with sweet ricotta & raspberry sauce. What do you think?? #dessert." However, today's image was the first time she explicitly referenced a new book. So sneaky.
Given that the Barefoot Contessa has written 10 cookbooks over the course of the past 18 years, we're not surprised she's already working on her next one. You have to be diligent to churn out that many recipes. Obviously, we're all dying for details about her newest project, so until we hear more about it from Ina, we'll be speculating about what she has in store. Maybe she's writing up a sequel to Cooking For Jeffrey called Cooking For My Squad, where she dishes on all the meals she makes with her famous BFFs like Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, and Neil Patrick Harris. Or perhaps, the book will be full of her versions of her favorite restaurant dishes — a Shake Shack burger made Ina's way sounds like a good idea.
Really, no matter what it, we're confident it will be a bestseller and a lifesaver. Not just because she never uses cilantro — mine and Ina's most detested ingredient — but because Ina Garten is queen of the kitchen.

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