If Ina Garten Could Be A Cheese, She’d Be A “Good English Stilton”

Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/ Getty Images.
Last week, I got to see two of my heroes — Ina Garten and Tiny Fey — take the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to discuss my favorite thing: food. The pair drew a wild, passionate crowd. Before the lights turned down, I could discern whispers about recipes and cookbooks and the whereabouts of Jeffrey (Ina’s husband).
Ina walked out in an outfit she’d probably wear on any other day. If you're also a fan, you can probably guess: She wore comfortable-looking black trousers, a navy button-down shirt,and cute flats. The stage was set with two chairs, and the table between held not just water bottles, but a vase of fresh flowers. So Ina.
Over the course of an hour, Fey, who is a big Ina fan herself, asked Ina about her history, giving us a glimpse into this charming cooking maven’s charmed life. While there were some things I expected — like when Ina said if she could be any cheese in the world, she’d be a “good English Stilton” — there were others that I’d never guess even after all these years of stalking from a safe distance. Here are a few of the things I never knew about Ina Garten.

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