Kellyanne Conway Has A Message For The “Black-Stretch-Pants Women Of America”

Photo: Joshua Roberts/ Reuters.
Update: Kellyanne Conway has spoken, and she has a few choice words for those who, like us, had a reaction to her Inauguration Day outfit. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Conway told the magazine she's "sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color." She's, of course, calling out those of us who live half of our lives in black leggings (so what?), whose responses to the colorful Gucci coat she wore on Inauguration Day were especially opinionated. But, if she's trying to avoid another revolutionary war, we're not sure this was the right move. This article was originally published on January 20th, 12:00pm. Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway couldn't have faded into the crowd this morning even if she tried as she made her way to president-elect Trump's Inauguration ceremony. Donning a $3,600 coat from Gucci (which you can still buy), a perhaps overly-festive Conway could be seen right through the tinted windows of the black Escalade she rode in. But the patriotism didn't stop there. Maybe you spotted it already, maybe you didn't, but the coat is from Gucci's resort 2017 collection. That means it's technically three seasons old, but you know how the fashion industry works, which actually puts Conway's look right on time. It's red, white, and blue, which seems pretty fitting for the occasion. But the coat is from creative director Alessandro Michele's British-themed collection, which acted as an homage to one of the designer's favorite cities because, as he told British Vogue, he "loves English people." Conway told NBC Bay Area, however, the choice was her interpretation of "Trump revolutionary wear." The irony of the entire situation doesn't stop there. The other part that's giving us an unwavering side-eye was those damn cat buttons, which we're almost positive Conway thought were "pretty darn cute." However, with the glaring #pussygate stain atop Trump's record, could this be Conway's way of getting the last laugh? Like, "Hey, kids — guess what? Jokes on you!" Nevertheless, Twitter — as you probably expected — isn't having any of it, and has already provided us with a plethora of memes and silent giggle-worthy comparisons. They range from Captain Crunch to the old New England Patriots logo, but the below is our favorite. (And leave Paddington out of this!)
Unsurprisingly, today was an interesting, exciting, and buzz-worthy, can't-stop-talking moment for fashion, with two of Donald Trump's leading ladies in designers duds: Melania Trump in Ralph Lauren and Kellyanne Conway is in Gucci. And while we can see where a designer could be coming from when deciding to go forth with dressing FLOTUS, we're going to leave Michele out of this. Because we're kind of saying, but also not saying, that we're pretty sure, though we may never know, Conway most certainly bought her look (which is cool, too). Now back to those cat jokes...

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