Delia*s Lovers, Say Hello To Your New Favorite Tumblr

Photo: Courtesy of Delias Catalogs Tumblr.
'90s fashion is the trend that just won't die. When one harbinger of the naughties seems to ebb (we see you, chokers) another seems to flow right in (logomania). One beacon of '90s style that never seems to fade is Delia*s, which might not be at your local mall anymore, but is definitely alive and well online. We've waxed poetic about the catalog before, but it seems that Kate Gabrielle, the nostalgia maven behind the internet gold that is Time Machine To the 90s and Is That Mustache Really Necessary, is taking that obsession to a whole new place.

Gabrielle is uploading scans of old Delia*s catalogs to her new Tumblr, aptly named Delia*s Catalogs. After just a few clicks on the page, you'll be transported back to middle school, where crimped hair, QuesTIOnaBLe CapiTAliZatiOn, and platform slides were the norm. Gabrielle says that with so many things giving us access to nostalgia, like watching Clueless and Romeo + Juliet on Netflix and retro candy available in bulk on Amazon, her Tumblr is just one more way to look back and remember the good ol' days.

Glamour reports that Gabrielle isn't shopping on the revamped Delia*s site (her middle school days ended back in '98), though she is scouring the internet to find old catalogs to document. "I get so excited when somebody shares something online that feels like a time capsule — like photos of shopping malls from the late '80s or those ads for blacklight posters and silver lipstick in teen fan magazines from the '90s," she told the magazine. "And to me, the Delia*s catalogs provide that same sense of time travel."

She's endured eBay bidding wars to procure those throwback catalogs, but her personal collection is providing plenty of fodder for this microblog. "I still plan on adding more catalogs to the blog," Gabrielle adds. "I have nine more in my personal collection left to scan as soon as I can find the time." It's time to add Delia*s Catalogs to your bookmarks, because when the baby tee makes its inevitable comeback, you'll need some styling inspo.

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