Justin Bieber's Latest Hairstyle Is Throwing It Way Back

I have a confession to make: I'll use any excuse to write about Justin Bieber. Sure, I'm well-aware of his questionable behavior. Even still, I find him endlessly fascinating — and whether that's because of his ever-revolving love life or those signature sideswept bangs, we may never know. But I'd venture to say I'm not the only one, thank you very much.

The only problem of late, however, is that Bieber's hiatus from social media (or Instagram) has made him hard to track. For years, our feeds were flooded with selfies of the singer — and just like that, he quit the app and fans were left with nothing but secondhand tour photos. So here I am, wondering: What's he eating for breakfast? Who is he on an island with? And, most importantly, what the hell is he doing with his hair these days?

Well, it seems the celebrity gods heard my prayers, because over the weekend, Bieber took to Twitter to post his first selfie in what feels like eons. It took Beliebers mere seconds to notice that his hairstyle looked eerily similar to that iconic 'do so many fell in love with back in the day.
For me, the hair swoop feels like a nice reminder that maybe he hasn't changed that much after all. And while I certainly miss having his (sometimes misguided) shenanigans blowing up my Instagram feed, it's refreshing to see he's still got a little bit of the old, innocent Bieber in him. As for whether his latest style here to stay? Well, if I've learned one thing, it's to never say never.

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