Confirmed: Justin Bieber Is The WORST

Hey, everyone. Take a good look at the photo above, and then consider this:
Justin Bieber was only nine when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was released — still just a wide-eyed little squirt singing songs on the streets of Stratford, Ontario, with big eyes and even bigger dreams. Like most boys his age, Bieber likely fell in love with Disney's swashbuckling saga, and its heroic, fresh-faced star, Orlando Bloom.
Ah, the good old days.
Flash forward a decade. That innocent little boy is now an egg-throwing, sizzurp-drinking, DUI-collecting pop star, and the handsome ponytailed actor is just some dude he fought in a club.
By now you've heard about the fight that broke out in an Ibiza hot spot yesterday, with Bieber and Bloom getting all puffed up over their respective exes, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez.
Rather than take the high road, Bieber literally just did the exact opposite. After posting then deleting a photo of Kerr on Instagram earlier today, The Biebs just posted another image targeted directly at Bloom, something far less subtle (the one you see above).
It's hard to belieb that the once floppy-haired, god-fearing whippersnapper from a sleepy Canadian town is now officially the biggest jerk in showbiz. After all, Bloom just wants to parent, act, and sing, dammit! Won't you just let him sing?
To honor Bieber's new level of scumbaggery, we've decided to compile a list of 10 things that suck harder than Justin Bieber. Please see below:

BEImages/Matt Baron

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