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You Probably Already Own Two-Thirds Of Selena Gomez’s Outfit

Regardless of where you stand on the leggings-as-pants debacle, you'll surely appreciate Selena Gomez's latest outfit — not only because it makes for a pretty solid defense for the look (yes, you can wear them out of the house, even when you're not headed to the gym), but also because you probably own most of the items needed to recreate it. The singer was having a quiet evening, enjoying the Los Angeles sunset with her squad, and the whole thing was Instagrammed, naturally. It's kind of like Gomez and her pals are like our group of pals — and, then, we realized she's wearing the exact same outfit we find ourselves in every single weekend: leggings, worn with anything that will make them look "fancy."

Real luv ❤️

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As much as we like to think of "uniform dressing," our off-the-clock outfit logic isn't that refined. We tend to live in our leggings and call it athleisure. We may put in a little extra effort to avoid any side-eyes on the street. We have the Kendall Jenner-sanctioned bomber jacket. Now, we'll add a Selena-inspired button-down into our rotation — one that's just oversized enough, just long enough, and just boxy enough that it offsets the tight fit of the bottoms. Gomez found her match in a white button-down that not only checks off all three requirements listed above, but also features slits on either side that give it some shape (and show off the leggings' high-waist fit). The perfect finishing touch? A pair of Converse low-tops, to round out the sporty-but-not-athletic theme.

My beautiful girls ?

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If you look closely, Gomez's outfit isn't totally off brand for the performer: The accessories — a pair of pink, round sunglasses and a stringy white choker — check off two out of the five Selena outfit signatures. This particular outfit just happens to resonate more with our own closets than when she's wearing head-to-toe Louis Vuitton.

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