The Vagina Necklace That An Etsy Seller Can’t Keep In Stock

Australian jeweler Emily Fitzgerald sells a range of crystals, stones, and other mystical adornments on her Etsy site, Mullummoonflowers. There's one item, however, that she can't keep in stock: a colorful pendant in the shape of female genitalia. Odds are, you've already seen these vagina pendants on Instagram, even if you weren't familiar with Fitzgerald's work. She first introduced an "all-seeing vageyena" pendant a couple of months ago, according to Instagram. Inspired by the work of Lissa Brown at Tiny Clementine, Fitzgerald decided to post her creation on social media because she thinks yonis — the Sanskrit word for a stylized vagina meant to represent the Hindu goddess Shakti, according to Encyclopædia Britannica— "are great" and that it proves that type of art "is not weird." Soon enough, she started getting inquiries for her "all-seeing vageyna" necklaces — and was selling out of them faster than she could produce them.
Fitzgerald introduced various versions of her yoni pendant: the so-called "galaxy puss" with a glittery center, iridescent rainbow vaginas, and even a crystal collection. Each style retailed for about $34.40 Australian dollars (about $25.75 in the U.S., with current conversion rates.) Still, the overwhelming response to her creations has totally depleted the jeweler's supply. eEarlier this week, Fitzgerald released a statement about the status of future restocks. "I have received a huge amount of [direct messages] and [Etsy] messages regarding yoni pendants so many so that I can not possibly reply to every body," Fitzgerald wrote on Instagram. "I am working on a shop update where I will have several styles available, it looks as though it will be in a week or so." The holidays have delayed the process a bit, she explained, so she currently has no yonis available for purchase. However, rest assured that more are coming.
The update hit a slight snag — a good one, but a complication nonetheless. The Mullummoonflowers necklaces had gone viral, and Fitzgerald's Etsy shop was momentarily inundated with traffic, according to the Huffington Post. She later noted on Instagram that while the response has been wild, her online store didn't get overloaded, as many outlets reported.
"I honestly never expected these to be so widely popular and cannot thank you all enough for the support," she wrote. She's been focused on balancing her children with the demands of production, so the shop has been closed. Keep your eyes peeled on her Instagram, though: she'll be announcing restocks there, as well as previewing new yoni styles. Alas, they might not arrive in time for the Women's March on Washington,

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