Your New Hero Knits Sweaters Of Places & Then Goes To Those Places

Every few years, someone has what they think of as a pretty bright idea. That idea is some variation on "an author starts writing about something and then discovers that she has the ability to literally change reality." It's a nice fantasy; that fiction can change the world. Sam Barsky is a knitter, and he had a version of that idea. His idea was to take the world and represent it in sweaters. He then travelled to the places he put on his sweaters. It's pretty much the best thing we've seen all day. And, we're sure you'll agree, wearing sweaters is not traditionally considered an art form. Of course, Sam Barsky spits in the face of tradition. These pictures are art. He knits waterfalls, tanks, bridges, and pretty much the entire world into his sweaters. Look at these pictures. You can blind yourself in a fit of Oedipal rage afterwards, because this is as good at it gets. Check out his Facebook here.

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