These Lucky Ducks Took Home Statuettes At The 2017 Golden Globes

Photo: Dale Robinette/REX/Shutterstock.
For us cinephiles and and television buffs, the Golden Globes are like the big playoffs. The ceremony, conducted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is one of the most important during awards season. It's basically the January prelude to the Oscars (which, if we're running with this metaphor, are the Super Bowl of the film world).

In terms of TV, the Golden Globes lend an opportunity to correct any Emmy snubs. So, if you'll allow me to be dramatic here, the entire fate of the entertainment world lies in the hands of the HFPA.

The films recognized for Best Drama and Best Musical or Comedy will become major Oscar contenders. This year, La La Land won big, which places it as a frontrunner for the Oscars. But one never knows — the Academy is elusive, and there have been times that the Golden Globes egregiously missed the mark.

Ahead, find the lucky winners of this year's Golden Globes. The HFPA loved these folks, which means the Academy just might as well. Like we said — it's the playoffs, y'all. The Super Bowl has yet to come.

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