Goldie Hawn Takes A Cue From Rihanna, Trades Wine Glass For Coffee Mug

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.
We know there are bigger things going on in the world these days, but if you could just spare a minute of your time and check out Goldie Hawn's latest accessory coup, we promise your time won't be wasted. Let's set the scene: in the hazy aftermath of a bursting nebula in a galaxy far, far away, we randomly decided to see what the actress has been up to since she finished filming her latest flick, Snatched. And, like catching a shooting star, we stumbled upon a slew of street style snapshots of Goldie Hawn just scooting around, waving to the paparazzi, holding a rotating array of coffee mugs.
Who doesn't love photos of celebrities looking good while doing 'real people' things, right? So, we're pretty over the moon with excitement that we discovered Hawn's extensive alfresco mug collection. In an alternate universe, we'd typically overlook Hawn's attachment to Demi Lovato's favorite dish. Because to other folks, mugs are just cups.
But to some, like Hawn, coffee mugs are much more than that. They're the vessel for one of life's most nourishing pick-me-ups. In the past, we flagged one of Rihanna's favorite pastimes: stealing wine glasses from restaurants. And boy, does RiRi's glassware collection look good against a next-season Balenciaga fur stole thrown over her shoulder. The whole bit was so unapologetic in the best way, we're sort of tempted to begin our own hobby of swiping fashion's latest offbeat accessory from New York's hottest restaurants. (We suggest practicing in your own kitchen first.)
After exhausting the aforementioned Bajan queen's superstar street style moment, we were in need of something new. And it seems like Hawn is ahead of Theft Couture's next hot trend. And we mean hot quite literally because, you know, coffee's hot. And what's even better about this entire equation? Well, as you'll see in the photos ahead, the actress is really, really excited about her efforts in protecting the earth, one cup o' Folgers at a time. And that can only mean that the next time you can't decide between the Judith Leiber clutch or that bejeweled Edie Parker iPhone case, remember that sometimes, less is more. And a fashionable coffee mug will do.

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