These Products Are So Insane, We Can't Believe They're Real

This week, the flashiest, most advanced show and tell of the year is going down in Las Vegas. It's the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), of course. More than 3,800 companies descend on Sin City in the hopes that their gadget will prove to be the next Amazon Alexa or a worthy iPhone competitor.

There will be many products that are buzzed-about, but that, for one production problem or another, never make it to market. Others are so unnecessarily ridiculous that they're not even worth a second glance.

But while you won't see any iPhone 8 news here (Apple stays away from the CES fray), there are some truly innovative gadgets that make us excited for the year ahead. Ahead, 15 insanely cool new products everyone is talking about. We'll be updating this throughout the week, so be sure to check back for more. And if you're looking for the best tech you can actually buy right now, start here.

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Photo: Hello Egg.
The Hello Egg Kitchen Assistant

Hello Egg looks exactly like one of Snapchat's Snapbots, but instead of being tall and rectangular, it's the shape of an egg — a very cute egg. He (or she) is like an Alexa for your kitchen. The egg can help you plan meals, order groceries, answer cooking questions, read recipes to you, and even queue up cooking videos on its shiny black surface.

You can preorder the eggstravagant little fellow for $120 (the basic version) or $350 (the premium version) here.
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Photo: LG.
LG's Hub Robot

If Hello Egg isn't adorable enough for you, consider the LG Hub Robot. This guy looks like an extra from Wall-E and is integrated with Alexa to help out around the house. It can do everything from turning on your air conditioning to greeting you when you get home, thanks to facial recognition. The robot's interactive display also shows its emotions, so you know exactly how it's feeling.

If this isn't the future, we don't what is. Stay tuned for updates on the release date and price.
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Photo: LG.
LG's Airport Guide Robot

Alongside its home robot, LG also introduced another intelligent helper, the Airport Guide Robot. Expect to start seeing these rolling through airport terminals alongside luggage very soon. The robots can speak English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, answer questions about your flight, and even direct you to various places throughout the airport. LG, please make sure each robot knows the location of the nearest Starbucks. These guides will first be available at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul.
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Photo: TCL.
TCL's Brand New Blackberry

The Blackberry is back! In December, the maker of the cult keyboard phones announced that they were ceasing production and licensing the name to Chinese manufacturer TCL. Some bemoaned that this was the death of the Blackberry.

But this week, TCL unveiled a new Blackberry smartphone, with the glossy black finish and QWERTY keyboard the phones are known for. No release date has been provided yet, but we're guessing Kim Kardashian, a known Blackberry fan, will be one of the first to buy the phone when it does become available.
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Photo: Sensorwake.
Sensorwake's Bedtime Scents

Sensorwake, maker of the olfactory alarm clock, is back with Oria, a bedside device intended to help you fall asleep and sleep better. The gadget releases two scents: Relax is emitted when you get into bed, and Restore is emitted during the night. It's official: Candles and diffusers are old-school.

Check back here for details on a release date.
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Photo: Courtesy of Griffin.
Griffin's Smart Mirror

We've seen other smart mirrors before, but most are small and not entirely practical for everyday use. This one from Griffin is. The mirror connects to your home Wi-Fi and, with one tap, reveals data including the time and weather so you can keep your morning routine on-track.

At $999.99, the mirror, which will be released in late 2017, isn't cheap, but it is a super cool product to invest in if you have the dough.
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Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.
Smart & Blue's Colorful Shower Set

While you're on a bathroom makeover kick, upgrade your shower with the Hydrao Loop and Drop smart shower set. The easy-to-install devices (a shower head and light) help you save water and cut back on energy costs with a clever color-coding system. The water will turn different colors when you reach different water thresholds. You can use the connected app to track how much you're saving with every shower.

Expect to see them later this year, with the Drop retailing for $99 and the Loop for $169.
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Photo: Courtesy of Monster.
Monster's Blinged-Out Wireless Headphones

It was inevitable that we'd see new wireless headphones at CES, but we couldn't have anticipated this jewel-studded pair, worthy of Beyoncé. Monster's Elements Airlinks are the ultimate statement headphones. We don't know yet how these compare to other wireless models, but if we're judging on form alone, they're stunners. Plus, they come in a jewelry-box-like charging case.

The earbuds will be available in April for $299.95.
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Photo: Courtesy of Polaroid.
Polaroid's Modernized Instant Camera

Fujifilm's Instax Mini made instant cameras cool again in 2016, but it's Polaroid that's stealing the show in 2017. This year, the brand is celebrating its 80th anniversary with an iconic product release: The Polaroid Pop.

The device merges the immediacy of an instant camera with the high-tech qualities of a digital camera. Start off by taking a photo, using the LCD touchscreen to select your settings, and frame the photo. Then, use the Polaroid print app to add filters, stickers, and more. Press print and the camera will spit out your 3 x 4-inch photo in record time.

Look for the Polaroid Pop (and price details) towards the end of 2017.
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Photo: Courtesy of Griffin.
Griffin's Connected Toaster

We've seen smart coffee makers, blenders, and refrigerators, but the humble toaster has long been an ignored kitchen essential. Yes, there have been smart toasters that print images on your slices, but who really needs their carbs monogrammed? Not me.

At last, Griffin is giving the trusty device the upgrade it deserves. Their Bluetooth-enabled model lets you specify temperature and how dark you like your slices (or bagel halves). Soon, you'll be able to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and toasted bread before you even leave your bed. Am I dreaming? Is this heaven?

The toaster will be available for $99.99 in the second quarter of this year.
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Photo: Courtesy of Razer.
Razer's Project Valerie

Why yes, this is a laptop with three — count 'em — 4K screens. Razer says that Project Valerie is "the world's first automated triple display laptop."

Hinges allow the two additional screens to easily fold out of the compact, 17-inch laptop. Of course, the downside here is the weight. According to Wired, the entire computer weighs in at over 11 pounds, which is significant if you're trucking your computer to work and back.

Still, can you imagine having one of these at home to stream Game of Thrones? Westeros would feel that much more immersive.

There's no word yet on when the laptop will be released or how much it will cost, but you can get updates here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Willow.
Willow's Cord-Free Breast Pump

New moms, rejoice! The breast pump to beat all other breast pumps has arrived, and it comes free of tubes, cords, and every other annoying and antiquated accessory you once needed to pump. The Willow pump sits in your bra, meaning you can pump literally anywhere while doing anything. The pump connects to an accompanying app, letting you track milk volume and set alerts.

While this miracle device hasn't been released yet, you can sign up here to be notified when more info is available.
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Photo: Courtesy of Withings.
Kérastase's Hair Coach Powered by Withings

If Dyson's Supersonic blowdryer, released at the end of 2016, wasn't enough to convince you that the new era of smart haircare has arrived, this hair brush will. Created by Kérastase in collaboration with tech company Withings, this winner of CES' Innovation Award is truly a brush ahead. The device has micro sensors that work with a paired app to determine your hair quality, analyze your brush strokes, and suggest treatment tips. Shiny, healthy locks, come to mama.

The brush will retail for $200 and will arrive this fall.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sleep Number 360.
Sleep Number's Snore-Controlling Bed

We've seen smart bed technology before, but none fulfills quite as many wishes as the Sleep Number 360 smart bed. Throughout the night, the bed reads your movements and adjusts things like temperature and firmness to help you sleep better. It can also pre-warm the bed before you get in and sense if your S.O. is snoring, and raise that side of the bed slightly.

It will be available sometime this year.
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Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.
Ubtech Robotics' Take On Alexa

Meet Lynx. Lynx is a robot integrated with Amazon's Alexa, but it brings the virtual assistant to life. Lynx can recognize faces, schedule appointments, and take photos, as well as carry out other Alexa-enabled tasks.

I'm on the fence about Lynx. Mostly of me thinks he's very cool, but the other part is slightly concerned he might attack me in my sleep. You can decide where you stand this spring, when Lynx becomes available for purchase.
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