10 Next-Level Gadgets That Changed The Game In 2016

Westworld's futuristic story might seem unreal, but after this year in tech, it's clear that even the unimaginable can become reality. Before 2016, would you have believed that you'd be able to buy printers that create Hogwarts-style moving photos, lights that change color on demand, and shoes that lace up of their own accord? I certainly didn't.
In 2016, the most hyped event of the year was, per usual, Apple's September iPhone announcement. But plenty of other releases made news. Snapchat, rebranded as Snap Inc., brought us its very first physical product, which didn't need dog tongues or pirate beards to feel just as fun. Google's first smartphone was a pleasantly surprising win (and a reminder that Apple's not the only game in town).
There were also some more independent successes in tech that made me excited about where we are — and where we're going. Ahead, the 10 products that really stood out, and got me talking and texting in 2016. Whether you want to be an undercover DJ or a home design aficionado, these devices are making it easier than ever.

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