Saudi Women Diss Incoming Prez In Legit Feminist Pop Anthem

Looks like the Duchess of Cornwall's security detail has competition for Most Badass Posse Of Tough Muslim Women 2016. The niqab-clad stars of the music video "Hwages," by Saudi singer Majed al-Esa of 8ies Studios seem like they could hold down that title just fine — in between bouts of dancing, bowling, skateboarding, and general patriarchy-smashing, that is. "Hwages," which is based on a Bedouin folk song, roughly translates from Arabic to mean "concerns," The Huffington Post reports. (Yep, gals, we hear you. "Concerned" is an understatement.) In the music video, the women hit the town and take to task the leering, finger-wagging men who are keeping them down. The song's most powerful lyric is also its most hilarious, translating to the effect of "may men go extinct; they cause us psychiatric diseases!" These days, it's almost too true to laugh at. And of course, no feminist anthem of 2016 would be complete without a reference to our girl Hillz. In the video, Clinton's face appears crossed out on handheld signs — alongside similarly scribbled-on "woman" symbols — that bar the entrance to the White House. Except here it's renamed "The House of Men" and is presided over by a creepy-AF Donald Trump puppet. I don't know about you, but I'll just be over here blasting this song until 2020.

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