Forever 21 Is Pulling Some Sort Of Shopping Sorcery With Its New Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Forever21
Every day we are reminded that we're living in the future, and Forever 21 just made sure of it. reports that the retail giant has updated their website to include a feature that will make trying on and returning your online orders a thing of the past: moving model pictures. Are they videos? Are the GIFs? Are they those magical portraits from Harry Potter? Whatever they are, they're super helpful. In the limited number of listings that are lucky enough to come with these live photos (mostly found in the new arrivals), the models strut onto the screen, pose, and then walk off, only for it to all begin again. One Twitter user captured the feature in action.
While, yes, this is likely just a GIF, the nod to Harry Potter was enough to get people seriously excited. And with good reason! It wasn't long ago when something like this would have seemed out of this world. The closest thing we had was ASOS, who sometimes has the option to watch a model walk down the runway in your clothing of choice. Since Forever 21 is jumping on the magical bandwagon, here are some other J.K. Rowling-inspired features we could use: flying brooms to avoid finding a parking space at the mall, golden Galleons to make buying more impressive, and the "accio" spell which avoids all this and summons everything we want right to our homes.

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