The Biggest Steals At Zara's Major Sale

Now that the holidays are over, we're moving on to the good stuff: the gifts you give yourself. See, once the last presents have been unwrapped (and all the ones that weren't quite your taste returned, it's time to remember all those shoes you've been eyeing, the sensible sweaters you know you should invest in, the coat you've been meaning to buy for months but keep putting off — and how they're all discounted now. And while we're more than ready to jump on any and every percentage off, some sales are better than others. This year, it's Zara that's pulled through with pieces from its cozy fall and party-ready holiday collections that are satisfyingly affordable.

With 2017 just around the corner, it's time to take stock of what's in our wardrobe — and, more importantly, what's missing. Ahead, we rounded up some of the highlights from Zara's sale that'll help fill those gaps with minimal (okay, less-than-it-would-normally-be) damage to our bank accounts. And really, who wouldn't say 'cheers!' to that?

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