Happy Festivus! Here Are Our Pop Culture Grievances This Year

Christmas Eve may be just around the corner, but today, we celebrate a different holiday — Festivus. The holiday for the rest of us! This Very Important Holiday is a creation of Seinfeld, the show that ruled the '90s. For the uninitiated: Festivus is an anti-holiday, if you will. Instead of a decorated tree, the holiday calls for an unadorned aluminum pole. Instead of celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, one endures the "airing of the grievances," in which all must declare any and all issues with the world. And then, because that's just not ornery enough, the celebration culminates in a wrestling match called "the feats of strength." If there's any year that calls for Festivus, it's 2016. We won't mince words — this year has been rough. An aluminum pole sounds about right, you know? The grievances of 2016 loom large, and it's about time we aired them. In honor of the December 23rd holiday, we mourn the following pop culture catastrophes of 2016. 1. The destruction of the last true A-List celebrity couple: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
2. The cancellation of Amazon's Good Girls Revolt.
3. These scary fish exist.
4. A rat pole-danced on the New York subway.
5. The Walking Dead jumped the shark so hard that it killed the shark (and Glenn, too.)
6. Somehow, Bella Thorne is still making headlines.
7. Jennifer Lawrence scratched her butt on sacred rocks, and we all had to hear about it.
8. Ryan Lochte lied in Rio.
9. With a sloppy second season of Scream Queens, and a truly bungled sixth season of American Horror Story, it seems Ryan Murphy is losing his touch. If you're looking for more Festivus cheer, Crackle will be airing the Festivus episode of Seinfeld all day (the episode is called "The Strike.") And if you're still confused about the pseudo-holiday, watch the video, below.

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